Arrotondatrice AURA


Stainless steel spiral rounding machine, ideal for rounding dough balls ranging from a minimum of 20 to a maximum of 300 grams, or in the upgraded version, from a minimum of 20 to a maximum of 1000 grams. Thanks to the special shape of the (teflon-coated) spiral, the dough is rounded by gravity without overheating and without compromising its structure. A practical and fast machine capable of rounding up to one ball every two seconds of various weights without the need for any adjustments. The removable spiral and the outer cylinder, certified for food use, make cleaning operations extremely simple. The machine operates on 220 Volts and is mounted on swivel wheels for easy mobility. The outer cylinder is certified for food use.

Available models

Arrotondatrice AURA

AURA 300 (min 50 max 300 gr)

Arrotondatrice AURA

AURA 1000 (min 50 max 1000 gr)



Adjustable speed through inverter

Special voltage available upon request

Funnel for integration with other machinery