table top spiral mixer

Table Top Spiral Mixer

High quality spiral mixer ideal for pizzeria and artisan laboratories. Machine available in 220 Volt version with inverter and speed adjustment from 70 to 210 RPM. Mixer equipped with reinforced spiral, calibrated pasta breaker column, rounded tank, retractable wheels and standard timer on all models. All the parts in contact with the mixture are in stainless steel as well as the accident prevention shield. Timer available in the 120 and 125 models. Easily accessible and inspectable machine thanks to the large removable stainless steel casing on the back of the machine. The anti vibration feet guarantee excellent stability and silence during the processing cycle.

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impastatrice spirale da banco

Ideal for home use

Small size, practicality of use and high performance this table top spiral mixer is highly appreciated even by very demanding individuals who want to introduce in their homes not only a professional mixer but also a design element available in various colors.

Perfect dough

Thanks to continuous research, constant commitment and the desire to continually improve, we have managed to offer a latest generation table top spiral mixer capable of kneading any type of dough, even the most hydrated thanks to the adjustable speed by potentiometer.

Custom color

Table top spiral mixer available in a wide range of colors such as: red, orange, micaceous, green, blue, gray, pink etc. We can also make the mixer of your favorite color by choosing it directly from the R.A.L. chart. Not just a mixer but a piece of furniture.

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